Summery pink outfit: Brume and Eucalypt

Hello everyone! I wanted to make a more summery version of my beloved Deer and Doe Brume skirt. I just realized that I haven’t blogged about half of them yet, so I guess you don’t know of my eternal love for this skirt. I now have 6 versions of this skirt in my closet. My winter/spring/fall versions (the long length) are made of ponte knit, which wear really nicely, but get a bit sweaty when the temperatures start climbing. The black one is the exception, which is made of a soft cotton jersey, but black in the sun is also not my idea of fun.

I quickly dismissed the idea of doing a white version. White tends to attract spaghetti sauce and curry, so I decided to go for a light pink cotton jersey. It’s almost a ‘nude’ colour on me, and I like it a lot better than the tan version I made. The fabric is not as stretchy as I’d like. I probably should have sized up, as you can see there are drag lines across the front.

I made this version using the mini length of the Brume pattern. I find it to be a little bit on the short side. While not a true ‘mini’ skirt, I still feel a little bit insecure in it, so I’ve added a few centimetres of length for my other versions.

Because of the length, the fact that it’s a tiny bit see-through, and that it’s not nearly as stretchy as I’d like, I’m not sure how much wear I will get out of it. So if anyone would like to have it, feel free to contact me on instagram or via email. I made size 42/L but it would probably fit a size 40/M better.

(If you want to check out my other versions: black here and grey here)

I almost forgot about the top! It’s a Megan Nielsen Eucalypt top. It’s made out of a polyester crepe I’ve had in my stash since my Fabricland days >12 years ago. While I really love the print and the colours of this top, I’m definitely not a fan of it being 100% polyester. Luckily, since it’s sleeveless and fairly loose, it’s not so bad on a warm day with a breeze, but it’s not suitable for a sweltering summer’s day. Well, what can I say, you learn with age that natural fabrics are far superior to plastic.

My only complaint about this top is that it gapes a little bit at the front armhole. I thought sizing down would help that, but it doesn’t (it just made it tighter across the chest). If I did a FBA, that would add a bust dart and I love the fact that this top doesn’t have that. However, looking at the pictures I see that it’s hardly noticeable, so I might not do any adjustments in the future except to stretch the bias tape a bit while sewing. I did this on a knit version and it solved the problem really well.

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