Meaning of Zoe Livana


Zoe Livana is not my real name, it’s my alter ego. I love the names because they are quite unique and beautiful.  They are both of Greek origin, and together they mean ‘life goddess.’ To me, that is what women are. They have the power to carry life within them. It is mysterious and miraculous how a woman’s body makes room to grow a life within them after conception.

Alternatively, Livana is also of Hebrew origin, but means ‘Moon.’ It doesn’t have quite the same effect…

I don’t quite remember how I came up with it. It was almost 10 years ago I think. I believe I was trolling baby names websites in seach of cool names I could use as a brand.

I’d like to thank Natasha Ivanco for designing my banner and these awesome logos! She is a great photographer and graphic designer. <3